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About Us

Let’s face it, the Bible can be a hard book to understand, especially for people not used to handling it. Yet within its pages lies a rich deposit of priceless and timeless truths. These incredible truths apply to people as much today as they did when the Bible was first written.

With these thoughts in mind, a small group of Christians (Tim Findlay and his wife Sharon from Wellington, and Julian Batchelor from Auckland who wrote the ‘THE GOSPEL MESSAGE’ presentation) got together to answer two questions:

  • How can we connect people who don’t go to church with the amazing truths in the Bible?
  • How can we help answer the hard questions these same people might have about God, the Bible, the human condition, and the state of the world?

With these questions in mind, and with the help of David Burchett the web designer, they came up with this site!
Our prayer is that what you find here will indeed connect you with Jesus and that you'd find a good church near where you live, makes friends with people who attend it, and never look back!

Thanks for visiting.






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