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What Next?

I Want to Turn and Surrender

We've put together a suggested prayer which will help you start your new life as a Christian and your relationship with Jesus.

"Dear Jesus, by faith I believe you died on the cross to take my punishment for Your laws which I have broken. For the sake of justice, I admit I deserve to be punished. I want to turn away from the things I know are wrong in my life. I want to surrender to you and start following your plans for my life. Please forgive me, and give me your perfect record. Amen"

You should conclude your prayer by asking God to come into your life and fill you with His Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit will help you to live to the fullest the new life you have chosen. Here is a suggested way to do this. “Holy Spirit, I invite You to come into my life, to fill me and empower me to live for God. I want everything You have for me! Thank you, in the name of Jesus, Amen.”

Praying this prayer is like going through a gateway: forgiven, cleansed and empowered to a new life as a follower of Jesus. Now is the time to take action:

  • Join and regularly attend an enthusiastic, Bible believing church. 
  • Read the Bible every day.
  • Talk (Pray) to the lord during the day.
  • Join an “alpha” or similar course.
  • Join a Bible study group that will cover an introduction to your new Christian life.
  • Develop a personal relationship with Jesus.
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