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Sarah Clarke says (25/05/2017 19:06:40):
Very well.put together video an effective tool to help me show friends what they must do to accept jesus and have their lives transformed
Tnga says (12/01/2017 15:54:59):
Watching this video described exactly what happened to my 18 year old son - whose life was taken, he was stabbed in the heart, the person was caught, judged, convicted and sentenced. Because of this experience it took me on a journey of great and unbelievable sadness, pain, grief, anger for a few years. I wanted to remain forever his mother even in this world. Then one day I started to pray and learn about the bible and learn about God, and the purpose of Jesus, I received an overwhelmingly high experience of something really strong and greater than this world....I love the Lord, I love the space I am in, I love what God has given me - great peace, that helped me to know who I really am. I am still loving the Lord the best way I can and for me it was about doing the right thing.....I will be forever greatful for the connection I have with the Lord with my son....this video is amazing of the account.
harry van niekerk says (07/06/2015 21:02:21):
Very strong message, i hope it will chance many peoples life's
daniel says (05/12/2014 16:42:04):
It's a very beautiful presentation and i liked it very much.
I Understood what is bible and why jesus come to our world
Thanks for giving us such a beautiful video.

ela andersen says (24/08/2014 14:06:33):
Awesome prensentation of the gospel. thank like to sent it through to my unsave friends and some saved ones too,
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