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j andrews says (10/01/2014 17:36:05):
Your 11 minute video was attached to an e mail I got from a friend.
I watched it and am greatly impressed.
It is a fantastic presentation.
Mike Houlding says (17/07/2013 15:14:43):
A good site, with a powerful message. Thanks - it's an answer to my prayer.
Ashley O'Connor says (19/06/2013 18:48:37):
thanks for having the bible it is an awesome website
Dave Brown says (17/06/2013 23:58:25):
Thanks for having this Bible site online so people can gain inspiration towards faith.
Diane Walden says (12/02/2013 17:44:04):
Thanks you for the Video, it is very precise and totally agree that Jesus Christ paid for our sins by HIS Death on the Cross...Perfect Salvation. The choice is up to us but whatever choice we make it will have an effect on where we spend eternity. God bless you all
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