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keijo says (24/06/2011 04:30:02):
Thank you to The Lord for many the church around the world with out pouring of the Holy Spirit and joy with healing and miracles of salvation and answer to prayer request ín every the Towns joy and gladness in Love from Christ, thanks and bless,keijo sweden
Diane Larsen-Pare says (20/05/2011 00:12:55):
I would love to see both your videos reach around the world to anyone, what a wonderfully, creatively done outreach you have done! I had the video sent to me by my son who is working for Habitats for Humanity, in New Zealand, thank-you for your work. Diane in Quebec,Canada
Laraine O'Brien says (30/04/2011 20:09:59):
What a GREAT video!!! A wonderful way of explaining the Bible and consequently God saving the unsaved!! I hope one day this video or even something similiar is played on add breaks on TV!! Wouldnt that be awesome!
God is so good, keep up this ministry! Jesus will return!

Many blessings
Alan Broadbent says (19/04/2011 16:31:51):
Thanks for the clear message. A real tonic in my cluttered life.
sushil s lall says (03/03/2011 20:14:20):
Greeting in Jesus!
I'm from Delhi India,
God be with you forever Amen
Yours in Christ!
sushil s lall
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