Whether you took the test or not!

We have found that most people like to ‘do good,’ and therefore receive a ‘good’ rating when they take this test. Based on being scored as a "good person", many people think they will easily qualify for heaven. However, what they don’t realise is that the standard for entrance to heaven is one big step past being ‘good’ or even ‘angelic’ – it’s perfection!

The standard is so high because God and Heaven are Holy,

" Holy just means Perfect."

The dictionary defines perfect as ‘entirely faultless’ or ‘never ever having faulted.’ If God and heaven are perfect, how can people at death, who are not perfect, go to live in heaven with God? Logically, it would seem impossible. Yet, there is a way and this website explains how. The problem of our imperfection concerns our souls.

Your Soul

Everyone has a soul. Your soul is the non-material (unseen) part of you that lives on after you die. It cannot be x-rayed or viewed with the natural eye. It is the life-force within you – the unseen part inside you that makes you uniquely ‘you.’ Jesus warned that you can lose your soul. He said your soul is something more valuable than the total value of the whole world.

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